Drain Care 101, Part 2

It's important to take care of the health of a home, and a crucial part of that is keeping the pipes free flowing. Pipes are often overlooked during home maintenance, but treating an issue before it becomes a problem is much easier and cheaper than fixing the problem!

Eliminate Clogs by Preventing Buildup

Build-Up-Remover-ZLDC648Although it's tempting to treat clogs in your sink, shower or bathtub when it becomes a crisis, drain maintenance should be a part of your bathroom cleaning routine. Treat your pipes monthly with a drain care product (if you already have a clog, see our previous post for tips on fixing it). Liquid and powder drain care products deliver bacteria & enzymes to dissolve buildup in your pipes. Think of yogurt and your digestive system. Drain care products perform the same function, removing buildup and keeping your pipes flowing. Use a drain care product once a month and you can keep those drains running free. Zep Commercial Liquid Drain Care Build Up Remover is our personal favorite.

The Toilet: Another Beast Altogether

Toilet-Care-Tune-Up-ZUTTU20Did you know the average American uses 50 lbs of toilet paper per year? Over time, this can cause (ahem) gunk to build up in the pipes. Are you surprised that toilet clogs, back-ups, and overflows are common problems? So what do you do since regular clog removers are not recommended for use in toilets? A simple maintenance routine can eliminate sediment clogs in toilets and keep clogs from recurring. For three consecutive nights before bed, pour three ounces of Zep Commercial Toilet Care Tune-Up in your toilet and flush. (Watch our video for more clarification.) We'll spare you the gory details, but microorganisms and enzymes attack and digest the paper and waste that causes back-ups. Build ups are broken down into CO² and water, restoring normal flow to your system. For the best results, we recommend letting these micro buildup-warriors do their thing once a month.

Join us next week to learn about how your beautiful trees & shrubs can cause dreaded plumbing problems. In the meantime, leave us a note in the comments if you've got a unique pipe or drain problem or solution you'd like to share.


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