Drain Care 101, Part 3

Stopping Roots and Blockage in Sewage Pipes

Did you know tree roots growing in sewer pipes can cause astronomical damages? The damages caused by ignoring this problem can cost in the thousands of dollars. Our number one selling drain care solution, Zep Commercial Root Kill, is a unique product aimed at eliminating this not-so-unique problem. Tree roots look for moisture in the ground, and your pipes are an easy target for those thirsty diggers. Root Kill only zaps the roots that have grown inside the pipes, so the only danger to your trees and shrubs is your not-so-green thumb!


Feedback we've gotten from pros that use the product indicates that it’s smartest to apply the product twice a year, once in the spring after plant growth begins and another in the fall.

Root-Kill-ZROOT2Follow these four simple steps:

  1. Add product to sewer lines by pouring 1/2 pound doses into the toilet bowl nearest the sewer line and flush.
  2. Repeat this process until the recommended dose on the label has been added.
  3. Alternatively you can remove the cleanout plug and pour the entire recommended quantity directly into the sewer line.
  4. Replace the plug and flush the toilet several times.

That’s it! Take our advice and give your sewer lines some TLC before they truly need some attention. Have a unique drain problem? Have you had to clear roots from your pipes before? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, or Twitter! We love to hear stories of battling the sludge like a pro!


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