Top 10 Ways to Clean like a Pro for Spring

spring-cleaning-aheadIt’s the first day of spring and for many of us (62% according to a recent Cleaning Institute survey) spring cleaning is a tradition worth keeping.

Tackling the job like a professional can save you time and money, so follow these top pro tips to stop procrastinating and start cleaning.

  1. Schedule cleaning: Pick a date for the job and create a plan to get the work done in record time.
  2. Get motivated: Use audio motivators to prevent distraction and head off boredom. Play upbeat music for an energy boost or listen to your favorite audio book.
  3. Dress for the task: Professional cleaners dress for the job in comfortable, washable clothing designed for work. End the era of bleach-stained sweatshirts and set aside a "cleaning uniform," including shoes, gloves and eye protection, to make sure you're dressed for cleaning success.
  4. Pick it up: Give yourself the same head start you would give professional cleaners by picking up dishes, clothes or anything else not in its place before you clean.
  5. Simplify supplies: Heavy-Duty-Foaming-Degreaser-ZUHFD18Professional cleaners go to work carrying the "Big Four": an all-purpose cleaner; bathroom cleaner; glass cleaner; and heavy-duty degreasing cleaner.Zep Commercial Heavy Duty Foaming Degreaser has citrus solvents that cut through grease easily on nearly all surfaces and provides for no-scrub cleaning.

Come back tomorrow for five more great tips to help you Clean Like a Pro for Spring!


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