April Fool's Cleaning Myths

April Fool's Cleaning Myths... Busted!


We hear a lot of false information about cleaning, so we're taking April Fool's Day to set the record straight by busting some common cleaning myths! Following these cleaning myths can cause more damage, harder work and heartache, so help us set the record straight about the proper way to clean.

1. MYTH: Bleach is the ultimate cleaner.

Bleach is a disinfectant and not a home cleaner. Bleach does a fantastic job of killing germs, but it doesn't really clean dirt and residue from surfaces. Bleach is very harsh and can damage surfaces and remove color. We recommended "The Big Four."

2. MYTH: More cleanser equals more cleaning power.

If you really want things to be clean and stay clean... more soap just isn't the answer. When too much soap is used it will leave a residue on surfaces that attract more dirt. We see this a lot with carpet cleaning, so be sure to rinse thoroughly.

3. MYTH: Feeling impatient? It's OK to Wipe Up Cleaning Spray Right Away.

Even though some cleaners seem to start taking action as soon as you spray them on the surface, they need time to really work their magic. Check the directions for the correct amount of time needed for the cleanser to work its magic. For example, our Grout Cleaner and Whitener works best when you let it seep in for two to three minutes. That's the perfect amount of time for wiping down the faucet, because cleaning like a pro means multitasking!

Have you busted any myths in order to uncover expert cleaning with professional results? Let us, Zep Commercial, know in the comments below!


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