Cookin' Like the Pros


Zep Commercial is known for cleaning like the pros, but did you know we can cook like them, too?

By day, Robert and Jeff work for Zep Commercial. But by night—and on most weekends—they join their friend David and unite as The Fat Guyz, a competitive BBQ team based out of Bartow County, Georgia.

The three men met at a church BBQ demonstration just over four years ago. They quickly mastered the basics, which to them (like most men in general in these situations) meant they were ready to go head-to-head with the pros.

"After six months, we entered our first contest," said Robert. "Our goal was to not come in last, and we didn't - we came in next to last! The three of us have been cooking together ever since."

They've come a long way since that first competition. Over the last year, The Fat Guyz chicken has consistently landed in the top five, with their pork and rib entries not far behind. At the Smokin' on the Lake competition this past May in Acworth, Georgia, they took home the Grand Champion award in the "Cooking for Fun" category.

Professional-Sprayer-HDPRO36What's their secret weapon, you ask? The Zep Commercial Pro1 Sprayer.

"They're very rugged, durable and dependable," said Robert. "And we like the adjustability of the nozzle. We need to keep the meat moist while it cooks, and with the Pro1 Sprayer we can get a nice, fine mist. They don't clog, and we've never had one break on us. The triggers on cheaper sprayers, you can just tell by picking them up that they're just not the quality of ours."

Slowly but surely, word of their secret weapon has gotten out.

"We go around the contests and see a lot of teams using them as well," said Robert. "Some guys have been using the same sprayer for a year or two. I guarantee sooner or later, you're going to see a Zep Commercial Pro1 Sprayer on one of the BBQ shows on TV."

Fast-505-Cleaner-and-Degreaser-ZU50532As you can imagine, there's quite a mess to clean up after 20 straight hours of BBQ'ing. To fight all the grease and grime, The Fat Guyz turn to Zep Commercial's Fast 505 Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser.

"By the end of the competition, pretty much everything is covered in grease," said Robert. "We spend about an hour wiping everything down with the 505 before packing up our trailer. We prefer the 505 because it's a very good grease cutter and has a neutral smell."

While the victories have been sweet, The Fat Guyz aren't looking to don their BBQ aprons full-time.

"Honestly, the reason we do it and what keeps us going is the friendship and camaraderie," said Robert. "We said from day one, if it stops being fun we're not going to do it anymore. Even if we bombed and got our butts handed to us at a competition, we just look forward to the next one."

We doubt they'll spill any more of their BBQ secrets, but for more tips on how to Clean Like a Pro™ with Zep Commercial, stop by and see The Fat Guyz at the Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival in Kennesaw, Georgia on August 23-24.


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