Why Use Cleaning Concentrates?

Ammonia-Free-Glass-Cleaner-Concentrate-ZU1052128So you have your favorite cleaning products, but have you checked to see if they come in concentrated form? A surprising number of people still don't understand the real advantages that concentrated cleaners bring to the table. While not all cleaning products are available as concentrates, true pros know that using them often makes the most sense and saves the most cents, too. Here are four reasons why:

1. Economics: Ready-to-use products sometimes are more convenient, but are typically more expensive long-term. Using cleaning concentrates instead will last you twice as long and save you the time and effort - not to mention the gas money! - required to pick up a ready-to-use replacement at the store.

2. Applicability: Many novice cleaners often wonder where cleaning concentrates can be used. The answer? Everywhere, duh! Most concentrates have extremely-varied applications—Zep Commercial's Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Concentrate can be used to clean and restore shine to stone, vinyl, marble and granite floors. There are other concentrates for chrome, siding, concrete, porcelain, countertops and every other surface imaginable.

3. Environmental Responsibility: Buying a cleaning concentrate product is the equivalent of buying in bulk at a retail store. It uses less packaging and lightens up shipping loads, reducing fuel usage. In fact, says that if we used concentrates to refill just 20% of the 320 million cleaning products sold in trigger bottles each year (about 64 million bottles, for those of us who weren't Mathletes), we could save 3.5 million pounds of plastic and enough fuel to transport 11.5 million gallons of water!

4. Power Flexibility: Some products eliminate most of the grime they are promised to cleanse but don't pack the full desired punch. Kids manage to "decorate" your tiled kitchen floor with maple syrup while you were in the shower? When you take care of a mess with concentrate, you can simply add more to the water mix to create a cleaner that's as potent as you need it to be.

There are a number of Zep Commercial products that are sold as a concentrate, so be sure to keep your eye out for them at the store. Using them won't just help you to Clean Like a Pro™, it'll save you time and money like one, too.


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