Kitchen Cleaning Before the Holidays!

Everyone has heard of holiday cooking horror stories or has one of their own—the uncle who tried to deep-fry a frozen turkey or pets that couldn't resist sampling the Thanksgiving spread. While it's impossible to prevent some kitchen mishaps, many others can be avoided by starting with a clean slate, er, kitchen.

For tips on making your home look its best before friends and relatives arrive, check out last year's post on tried and true holiday cleaning tips. Then, follow our guide on the best ways to degrease your kitchen before the holiday cooking rush.

Heavy-Duty-Citrus-Degreaser-ZUCIT321. Degrease your oven. Remove any drippings or bits of food on the vents or heating elements, which can burn and fill your oven with smoke. If your oven is particularly greasy, use a product like Zep Commercial's Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser to wipe down the interior. Avoid running the self-cleaning cycle right before you need to use it, as it is very stressful on your oven, and the last thing you need to happen this time of year is an appliance breakdown!

2. Wipe down the microwave. 'Tis the season for leftovers, and a clean microwave could be the key to ensuring they disappear versus creating new life forms with a life of their own in your plastic storage containers. Simply use a degreasing product and wipe down both the inside and outside of the microwave to remove all splatter stains and spills.

3. Organic-Citrus-Drain-and-Disposal-Cleaner-ZUCDD648Clean your drain and garbage disposal. Use a cleaner that also works as a degreaser, like Zep Commercial's Organic Citrus Drain & Disposal Cleaner to get your disposal in perfect working order (and rid of any funky smells) before all the holiday food prep begins.

Another Pro Tip? Unlike many other holiday preparations, these items can be cleaned in advance. Save yourself some stress by knocking these off your to-do list now so you can enjoy a (much-deserved) beverage or two before your guests start arriving!


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